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Releaf Hemp Co.


About Us:

Releaf Hemp Co. strives to bring the best full spectrum natural wellness products, hand-made with care, here in North Carolina. Our core belief helping people. We do this by working with local farmers to ensure our products are safe from seed to end product. After years of aches, pains, chronic ailments, and stressful anxieties, we stumbled upon an amazing plant jam-packed with natural benefits. We hope these plant based offerings bring you as much “releaf” as they have for us!

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a member of the Cannabis Sativa family. However, unlike Marijuana, hemp is defined as having less than .03% THC by dry weight— meaning it produces no psychoactive effects. Cannabinoids in hemp pair with receptors throughout the body to bring homeostasis through the Endocannabinoid system. In simple terms, this means helping to fight against bodily imbalances which occur in many forms such as inflammation and immune system disorders. Cannabidiol (CBD), the most prominent cannabinoid found in hemp, has shown great success in naturally helping the body bounce back from these imbalances while providing relief.

" A natural alternative for relieving pain, aches, chronic physical and psychological ailments”